Agriculture Partners

Find more agricultural resources.

Agriculture Pollution Abatement Program

This aims to reduce pollution of waters of the state by soil sediment, animal manure and residual farm products.

Conservation Easements

Conservation easements allow the landowner to maintain ownership of the land while limiting future development.

Conservation Plans

Conservation plans ensure that the land’s unique natural resources are managed in the best possible way, while maintaining sustainability and productivity.

Cover Crops

Learn about programs supporting the planting of cover crops and the many benefits of doing so.

Farmland Preservation

This program ensures farms remain permanently in agricultural production.


H2Ohio is a state-funded grant program to help reduce or eliminate phosphorous runoff from agriculture fields to prevent algae blooms.

Nutrient Management

Managing the amount, placement, and timing of plant nutrients to get the best results and minimize surface and groundwater pollution risks.

Richland County Food Producer List

This local food producer list helps connect local food growers and producers to consumers to purchase locally-sourced food.

Richland County Pioneers

Learn from previous generations of agricultural families and see how agriculture has evolved in Richland County.

Soil Testing

Find out what your soil needs in order to be healthy and fertile.

USDA-NRCS Programs

These provide technical assistance with natural resource concerns such as reducing soil erosion and protecting water quality.