Continental Divide Tour

When you click “Get Directions” on the map below, you can start exploring the Continental Divide by following three easy steps:

  • Enter the address of where you wish to start
  • Select where you want to start your tour, i.e. on the upper left, upper right, lower top or lower bottom of the Continental Divide
  • Click on “Get Printable Directions”

You are provided with step-by-step directions and are ready to start your tour. If you wish to print the directions out, click on “print.” If you want to return to the Continental Divide home page click on the “X.”

If you wish to use your GPS to navigate the tour, go back to the tour home page and click on each point to see the latitude and longitude to guide you on your tour. Also, if you click on each point, you will be told approximately where you are and points of interest you will find in the vicinity.

Use your mouse to zoom in or zoom out or use the “+” and “-” buttons found in the upper left-hand corner of the map.

Take a Drive on the Continental Divide

One of America’s favorite past-times is to take drives that allow us to enjoy beautiful scenery at a leisurely pace while discovering new places and returning to favorite places. With this is mind, we’re sharing a Drive-It-Yourself Tour of the Continental Divide within Richland County. The purpose of this tour is to highlight one of the unique aspects of our county’s natural resources. This is a drive you take when convenient for you and at your own pace.

Let’s back up for a minute, though, and explain what the Continental Divide is. The Continental Divide is a major watershed boundary. On one side, the water flows to Lake Erie, and on the other side, water flows to the Ohio River. Many people are accustomed to thinking the Continental Divide follows the highest point of a region. However, when you’re traveling the Richland County portion, you may find yourself at a spot that is lower than hills you see in the distance. Your eyes aren’t deceiving you. The distant hills are isolated areas within their watershed.

As you travel through Richland County, we hope you will continue to be awed by its beauty and diversity and perhaps make some new discoveries. Send us a photo of yourself on the tour along with the date and location, and we’ll share it on our social media outlets.

Take your time and enjoy your drive on the Continental Divide!