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Conservation Creation Arts & Crafts Workshop
January 9, 6:00 p.m.

Invasive Species ’24
Continental Divide

Adventure Awaits!

Take a drive on the Continental Divide.

Soil Testing

Soil Testing

Determine the characteristics of your soil.

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Welcome to Richland Soil & Water

Property owners are faced with many decisions regarding land management, and we can help you meet your goals. We offer assistance with:

  • drainage and erosion concerns
  • flooding
  • pond creation and maintenance
  • forestry management
  • agricultural programs

We also provide Aerial-GPS maps of individual properties.

Don’t Forget

If you are moving soil you need to consult with us about getting a stormwater permit so that you are in compliance with the Stormwater Management and Sediment Control Regulations for Richland County.

Let’s work together to keep Richland County green and clean!

Did you know?

Topsoil is the most productive soil layer.

It has varying amounts of organic matter (living and dead organisms), minerals, and nutrients.

Richland County Area
Did you know?

Richland County has a total area of 318,080 acres.

That’s 497 square miles!

Continental Divide
Did you know?

The Continental Divide goes through Richland County.

It separates the runoff that goes to Lake Erie from runoff that goes to the Ohio River.

Richland County Townships
Did you know?

Richland County has 18 Townships.

It also has 3 cities (Mansfield, Ontario & Shelby) and 6 villages.

Did you know?

Everyone lives in a Watershed.

If you’re in Richland County, the water from your watershed travels to either Lake Erie or the Ohio River.

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