Water Data Map

Quick Tips for using the map:

  • Click on the layers icon (layers icon) to choose map or satellite view. Check the box next to Precipitation (blue precipitation icon), Streams (brown stream icon), Agricultural Streams (red agricultural stream icon), or Lakes (green lake icon) to view the data that volunteers have reported. All maps may be viewed individually or jointly. To hide the view of a map, un-check the box that corresponds to that particular map.
  • Hover over a watershed to get the average precipitation from all volunteers in that watershed.
  • Type in an address in the “search for address” box to quickly find a particular location.
  • Change the date range of precipitation you wish to view by clicking on the dates in the top right corner.
  • Use the + and – buttons or scroll within the map to zoom in and out.

Precipitation Monitor volunteers measure and record the water equivalent of snow.

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