Board Supervisors & Staff

Email general inquiries to or call 419-747-8686.

Board Supervisors

Brian Alt


Jackson Township, Black Fork Watershed

Rick Novak


Mifflin Township, Black Fork Watershed


Fred Cooke


Plymouth Township, Black Fork Watershed

Lanny Hopkins

Vice Chairman

Jackson Township, Black Fork Watershed

Jean McClintock


Troy Township, Clear Fork Watershed

Richland Soil and Water Conservation District Board of Supervisors are publicly elected by a special general election. The Board of Supervisors create an annual and long-term plan of operation that protects the District’s mission and vision and are interested, conservation-minded, local leaders who promote conservation of the county’s natural resources through education, planning and technical assistance which are key to the success of the District. Supervisors are elected to a three-year term as a public official and serve without pay. Supervisors advocate for the District, attend and participate in monthly board meetings, assist with District programs and services and attend area and state meetings.

The Board meets the third Wednesday of every month at 9:00 a.m. and meetings are open to the public. The public is encouraged to contact Erica Thomas, Director, for scheduling their time at the meeting and to obtain the District Board packet of action items. Please contact Erica for details.

How to Become a Board Supervisor

Past Board Supervisors

Aaron L. Lockhart, 1949-1958, Jefferson Township
Kenneth Nixon, 1949-1954, Madison Township
Harvey Snyder, 1949-1952, Worthington Township
Warren Smith, 1949-1951, Butler Township
Lewis Rinehart, 1949-1952, Sandusky Township
William Wareham, 1952-1960, Jackson Township
Robert Walker, 1953-1957, Springfield Township
Carl Baker, 1953-1961, Weller Township
Lee Oswalt, 1955-1960, Franklin Township
David Field, 1958-1958, Perry Township
Robert Davidson, 1958-1958, Troy Township
Derald Darling, 1959-1967, Worthington Township
Freeman Swank, 1959-1971, Jefferson Township
Earl Hetrick, 1961-1969, Springfield Township
Chester Jones, 1961-1969, Plymouth Township
John Hattery, 1962-1964, Weller Township
Richard Lehnhart, 1965-1970, Monroe Township
Dale Cook, 1968-1978, Mifflin Township
Tom Kranz, 1970-1972, Cass Township
Leo Fair, 1970-1978, Butler Township
John Winger, 1971-1972, Mifflin Township
Ralph Winters, 1971-1972, Monroe Township
Kenneth Ernst, 1973-1993, Cass Township
James McCarron, 1973-1982, Franklin Township
Richard Forbes, 1973-1997, Worthington Township
Harvey Yost, 1973-1982, Franklin Township
Jack Meyers, 1979-1980, Jefferson Township
Robert McConkie, 1982-1992, Jefferson Township
John Scherer, 1982-1987, Sharon Township
D.Charles Winger, 1983-Present, Mifflin Township
Ed Huff, 1988-1993, Butler Township
Dale Broeske, 1992-1998, Perry Township
John Culler, 1993-1999, Monroe Township
Dale Hulit, 1993-2002, Weller Township
Ken Burrer, Jr., 1998-Present, Bloomingrove Township
LaVaughn Oswalt, 2000-2002, Butler Township
Bob Winbigler, 1999-Present, Worthington Township
Jerry Schumacher, 2003-Present, Sharon Township
Roger Cook, 2003-Present, Mifflin Township
Wayne Weirick, 2005-Present, Troy Township
Bob Winbigler, 2004-2015, Worthington Township
Chris Powell, 2011-2014, Mifflin Township
Matt Cook, 2012-2018, Mifflin Township, Rocky Fork Watershed
Jim McKinney, 2012-2015, Plymouth Township
Mike Switzer, 2010-2016, Monroe Township, Rocky Fork Watershed
Brian Alt, 2015-Present, Jackson Township, Black Fork Watershed
Vincent (Skip) Malaska, 2016-2018, Madison Township, Rocky Fork Watershed
Barbara Zaugg Joudrey, 2016-2018, Springfield Township, Clear Fork Watershed
Fred Cooke, 2017-Present, Plymouth Township, Black Fork Watershed
Kyle Bailey, 2018-2019, Jackson Township, Black Fork Watershed
Lanny Hopkins, 2018-Present, Jackson Township, Black Fork Watershed
Dave Krichbaum, 2018-2021, Jackson Township, Black Fork Watershed
Aaron Dearth, 2019-2021, Jefferson Township, Clear Fork Watershed
Jean McClintock, 2022-Present, Troy Township, Clear Fork Watershed
Rob McConkie, Jr., 2021-Present, Jefferson Township, Clear Fork Watershed


Erica Thomas


Theresa Rozic Sutter

Community Relations Coordinator

Contact Theresa regarding:

  • District Sales
  • Donations
  • Events, Programs and Speaking Engagements
  • Milkweed Seed Pod Collection and Milkweed Seed Distribution
  • Partnerships
  • Supervisor Elections
  • Volunteer Program
  • Website Concerns

Matt Wallace

Agriculture Technician

Contact Matt regarding:

  • Agriculture Drainage, Erosion and Pollution Concerns
  • Agriculture Stewardship
  • Cover Crops
  • Ditch Petitions
  • FFA Events
  • Farmland Preservation & Conservation Easements
  • Floodplain Properties
  • Ponds
  • Soil Health/Quality Concerns
  • Soil Testing
  • Water Health/Quality Concerns

Dan Herrold

MS4 Technician

Contact Dan regarding:

  • Urban Drainage, Erosion and Pollution Concerns
  • MS4 program
  • Rain Barrels
  • Stormwater permits
  • Soil Health/Quality Concerns
  • Soil Testing
  • Urban Conservation
  • Water Health/Quality Concerns

Jordan Keller

Urban Technician

Contact Jordan regarding:

  • H2Ohio Program
  • Nutrient Management Plans
  • Rain Gardens
  • Stormwater permits
  • Soil Health/Quality Concerns
  • Soil Testing
  • Urban Conservation
  • Water Health/Quality Concerns

Evan Stern

H2Ohio Stormwater Technician

Contact Evan regarding:

  • H2Ohio Program
  • Stormwater permits

Jason Ruhl

District Conservationist
Richland County: 419.747.8691 ext. 7120 or 3 – (main duty station)
Ashland County: 419.289.2421 ext. 4859 or 3 –
Fax for both: 885.842.8005

Jordan Miller

USDA-NRCS, Soil Conservationist
419.747.8691 ext. 3

Noah Cable

Farm Bill Wildlife Biologist II
Pheasants Forever, Inc. and Quail Forever
Cell: 419.707.2940

Richland, Crawford, Huron, and Seneca Counties