Award Recipients

Congratulations Marilyn Roe, 2022 Volunteer of the Year!

Marilyn Roe has volunteered with Richland SWCD since 2017 for a variety of office tasks and at special events. A red maple tree was planted in recognition of Marilyn at Ontario’s Marshall Park. Thanks to Kris Knapp and the staff at the City of Ontario for helping plant the tree and maintaining it in years to come. Learn more about Marilyn and her many contributions to the District and the community by watching this video. Thank you, Marilyn for all you do for the district!

The 67-member volunteer team has contributed more than 2,500 hours in 2022, which has saved the General Fund approximately $25,000. Volunteers contribute high quality data that is used to track soil and water health in Richland County’s eight watersheds.

Congratulations Roger Baird, 2022 Cooperator of the Year!

Roger Baird is a life-long resident of resident of Shelby and has been farming the family farm for 40 years. The conservation practices of Cover Crops, Crop Rotation, Variable Rate Phosphorous, Conservation Tillage, Small Grains, and Soil Testing prevents soil erosion and protects water quality. His land has benefited from conservation practices with reduced runoff, reduced amount of tillage, and better management of manure and fertilizer. Watch this video to learn more about Roger’s farm and conservation philosophy.

Cooperator of the Year Award Recipients 1964-Present

1964: Chester Hampton
1965: Lee Oswalt
1966: Jack Gatton
1967: Al Schumacher
1968: John Winger
1969: Chester Mowry
1970: Ralph Winters
1971: Leonard Krietemeyer
1972: Ken & Robert McConkie
1973: LaVaughn Oswalt
1974: Harry Benson
1975: Tom Kranz
1976: John Simmons
1977: Bob Kissel
1978: Jim Zimmer, Sr.
1979: John Scherer
1980: John Ramsay
1981: Bill Bierly
1982: Carl Mowry
1983: Owen Galloway
1984: Howard Doner
1985: Ken Nixon
1986: Jim & John McCarron
1987: Floyd McFarland
1988: Leonard Krietemeyer
1989: Ted Hickerson
1990: Howard & Dean Cook
1991: Gene & Steve Spoerr
1992: Dr. Charles Young
1993: Bill & Charlie Briner
1994: Dean Swigart
1995: Ed Huff
1996: Kenneth Ernst
1997: Van Ross Wade
2004: John Culler
2005: Grant Milliron
2006: Ivan Ulmer
2007: Robert Niese
2008: Fred & Lynn Cooke
2013: John & Martha Sherer
2014: David Burley
2015: Charles &Diane Winger
2016: Walter, Regina, Peter, Cathy Berg—Berg Farms
2017: John Akers & Beer Farms
2018: Jay Miller
2019: Winfield Meek
2020: Eisenhauer Family Farm
2021: Kingwood Center Gardens
2022: Roger Baird