Richland Soil and Water

Although the office is closed to the public, when it comes to practices that can help keep our water and soil healthy, please turn to us at Richland SWCD. We are more committed than ever to providing you with good, solid information.

The next Board Supervisor meeting will be held Thursday, August  20 at 5:00 p.m. at the Longview Center, 1495 W. Longview Avenue, Suite 205B, Mansfield. If you wish to attend the meeting in person or via video conference, please contact Erica Thomas, District Program Administrator, at 419-747-8684 or prior to the meeting so that enough meeting packets are prepared.  

You may reach us at

Face-to-face stormwater permit approval is temporarily suspended. Stormwater permit applications, checklists and information needed to obtain a stormwater permit are available at

Please submit your stormwater permit application, site calculation form and additional documents via email to or through US Mail by sending to: Richland SWCD, 1495 W. Longview Ave, Suite 205B, Mansfield, OH  44906.

Stormwater permit fees may be paid by check, payable to Richland SWCD and mailed to the Richland SWCD office. 

Agriculture Pollution Abatement concerns may be reported by calling (614) 265-6610.

We appreciate your understanding and patience during this difficult time. Be well!

Water LevelsThere are a few potential causes for a low water level.

Drought/Minimal Rain Conditions
Most ponds are refilled with rainfall, so during drought times pond levels can drop significantly due to evaporation.
Leaking Dam

A weak point has developed in the dam causing pond water to drain through the dam itself.


  • Wet areas on backside of dam, with standing or trickling water.
  • Change in vegetation type or existing vegetation is greener in a certain area.

How to Fix:

  • Contact an excavation contractor to discuss methods and price.
Failing Spillway

The principal spillway has developed a weak point somewhere in the structure causing pond water to drain at a lower point than what the spillway was designed for.


  • Water flowing within spillway & not over normal lip.
  • Water flowing alongside of outlet pipe and not through pipe.

How to Fix:

  • Contact an excavation contractor to discuss methods and price.