Richland Soil and Water

Pond on a farm


Ponds require maintenance to keep them operating properly and to maintain the desired appearance.

  • Periodic Sediment Removal Open or Close

    Pond MaintenanceEvery pond eventually will fill up with leaves, silt, dead water plat material, etc. It is the natural process of a pond, it will eventually convert into a wetland type area.

  • Dam Maintenance Open or Close

    MuskratIt is important to maintain the dam because it’s a key component to your pond.

    Trees and bushes
    should be removed from a pond dam. The large roots of trees and bushes grow into the dam soil, creating holes and voids which can weaken the structure of the dam. If the dam is weakened enough, it can fail, emptying the pond and potentially causing damage downstream.
    Burrowing animals
    such as groundhogs and muskrats should be removed immediately if they are found digging near or on the dam. Their burrows can cause severe damage to the dam. Once removed, their damage must be repaired.
  • Spillway Maintenance Open or Close

    Overflowing damSpillways control the water level of your pond. If not maintained, water could flow over the top of the dam or cause the spillway to fail completely, both causing significant damage to the dam.

    Periodically inspect the spillway from time to time to check for and remove debris blocking water flow.


Experiencing concerns with your ponds appearance or function?

  • High Water Level Open or Close

    This is most likely due to the principal spillway being either blocked with debris or some other type of blockage disturbing flow.

  • Low Water Level Open or Close

    Water LevelsThere are a few potential causes for a low water level.

    Drought/Minimal Rain Conditions
    Most ponds are refilled with rainfall, so during drought times pond levels can drop significantly due to evaporation.
    Leaking Dam

    A weak point has developed in the dam causing pond water to drain through the dam itself.


    • Wet areas on backside of dam, with standing or trickling water.
    • Change in vegetation type or existing vegetation is greener in a certain area.

    How to Fix:

    • Contact an excavation contractor to discuss methods and price.
    Failing Spillway

    The principal spillway has developed a weak point somewhere in the structure causing pond water to drain at a lower point than what the spillway was designed for.


    • Water flowing within spillway & not over normal lip.
    • Water flowing alongside of outlet pipe and not through pipe.

    How to Fix:

    • Contact an excavation contractor to discuss methods and price.
  • Weeds Open or Close

    Plants at water's edgeExcessive plant growth along the pond edge or deep in the pool causes an unsightly or unhealthy pond.

    Mechanical Control
    Plants are physically removed from the pond either by hand or excavation equipment.
    Biological Control
    Organic methods are used to inhibit or kill undesired plants.
    Chemical Control
    Chemicals specifically designed for aquatic plants are used to kill or inhibit growth of pond weeds.
  • Wildlife Open or Close

    Canada GeeseWildlife causing damage to pond structure or eating a large amount of stocked fish. Contact Richland County Wildlife Officer for proper methods and permits for removal of nuisance wildlife.

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